Premium Organic Bamboo 15" Magnetic Knife Strip Holder for Knives, Cutlery, Utensils, and Tools

Frederica Trading

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  • Engraved with the beautiful Frederica Trading logo, adding an elegant design touch for your kitchen. The Frederica Trading magnetic strip is also great for laundry rooms, your garage shop, tool shop, or any place you'd like to easily attach metallic knives, utensils, scissors, screwdrivers, or other cutlery, utensils, gadgets, and tools.
  • Includes six embedded magnets (completely concealed) to support up to six knives or utensils. The six separate magnets allows your knives to be spaced evenly without risk of scratching or sticking together and weighs less than bulkier knife strips with one single magnet. Great space saver for your knives instead of the bulky countertop knife block. Can be used as kitchen magnets to attach knives, silverware, cutlery, tools, or other metal utensils. (Knives or utensils not included).
  • Mounting hardware and simple mounting instructions included. Easily mounts and installs in your kitchen or bar.
  • Display your cutlery or favorite kitchen utensils for easy-access and display in your kitchen. Mount in your garage, shop, or tool shed for your screwdrivers and other tools. Use in your mobile home, camper, or RV to save storage and drawer space.

Frederica Trading's Premium, Organic Bamboo Magnetic Knife Strip is perfect for those who wish to save space in their kitchen or bar. With the included mounting hardware, the strip simply attaches to your wall securely and easily. With the beautiful laser-engraved Frederica Trading brand logo engraved on the bottom right corner you can display your cutlery and utensils for easy access and functionality while enjoying a beautiful decoration for your kitchen or bar area.

This knife strip, scissors, tools, & utensil holder mounts easily (installation hardware is included) within minutes in your kitchen or bar. It features six concealed magnetic locations to safely and securely mount your knives, utensils, magnetic spice containers, or tool. [Knives/Utensils not included]

Common uses include being used as a magnetic knife holder, utensil holder, knife saver, kitchen and bar gadgets storage and organization, kitchen and bar decorations, and as a magnetic tool strip. The strip can easily be used in laundry rooms, garages, or tool shops as well as a magnetic tool holder strip.

Also Great for Tools!

Our premium bamboo magnetic strip is idea for your kitchen knives, scissors, and utensils, but is also ideal for your tools, including pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, and more.   Great for the kitchen or the tool room.

Supports Various Sizes

Our magnetic strip has six separate magnetic locations to support various sizes of knives, tools, or utensils.    Having six separate magnets is preferable because it makes the strip lighter, easier to mount, and it prevents your items from magnetically snapping into place against each other, preventing damage or scratching.

Can Mount to Tile

Our premium bamboo magnetic strip includes mounting harware for drywall but can also be mounted with command strips on your tile wall or backsplash.   We recommend a heavy duty staple gun to attach your command strips to the back of the strip.   Regular mounting hardware includes drywall anchors and screws.

Laser Engraved Logo

The beautiful Frederica Trading logo is carefully laser engraved in the lower right corner of each magnetic strip, providing an elegant, classy look for both function and decor.

Beautiful Decoration

Frederica Trading's wooden magnetic knife strip is not only functional, it's a beautiful decoration for your kitchen, break room, bar, garage, toolshed, or RV.   The beautiful, natural bamboo wood and logo display your knives perfectly!

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