About Frederica Trading

Beach St. Simons IslandFrederica Trading is a specialty retailer that provides simple, yet beautiful products, gifts, and accessories for the home, kitchen, and family. Frederica Trading was founded on beautiful Saint Simons Island, Georgia.

Owner, Fred McKinnon, has been an e-commerce entrepreneur for over a decade. As a small, family-owned business, they sold thousands of name-brand products on all the big marketplaces. Over time, it became apparent that investing so much time and energy into selling other people's products wasn't as fulfilling as creating their own.

That is when Frederica Trading was born. We decided to parter with artisans and manufacturers to create a brand of home decor, accessories, and gifts that were functional, yet beautiful. We like to think our products are as much for the display as for the usage. We began to brainstorm about products we use in our own lives, each and every day.

Down here in South Georgia, we like to eat. With four growing kids in our home, there is always someone in the kitchen.  Our first product was our premium bamboo pizza peel but before it was even completed, one of our children suggested we make a knife block. It became a family affair to brainstorm and come up with product ideas and we still make that a family activity to this day.

One of the hallmarks of Saint Simons Island is the beautiful canopies provided by the majestic live oaks along the roads including Frederica Road. The beauty and allure of this resort destination brings visitors from all over the world. The "Frederica Trading" logo, many times inclusive of this beautiful live oak, is an elegant addition to our products and reminder of this beautiful place on the earth.

Visiting St. Simons Island, GA? Come visit us and we'll tell you all the great places to stay, dine, and relax to enjoy this beautiful place. While you're at it, be sure and pickup some of our beautiful products for home, kitchen, indoor/outdoor living, gifts, and accessories.